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Gouroo Club & Garden (Healthy Food and Eco Bar)

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Gouroo Club & Garden (Healthy Food and Eco Bar)

Saryan 13

Welcome to 13 Saryan Street, to the house of architecture historian Varazdat Harutunian and architect Gohar Kankanian. Since 1938 this house was always full of artists, intellectuals, students who gathered here for various occasions. We restored the house n 2017-2018 meticulously preserving the details and opened it to the public.

Gouroo Eco Bar was founded on the ideas of providing a fun option for the best tasting, highest quality healthy beverages. Our bar menu is seasonal and constantly evolving. We have rediscovered many of the most popular cocktails by replacing commercial sugar containing syrups and liquors with our own cold pressed purees, juices and Jerusalem artichoke syrup or organic honey used as sweeteners.

Cuisine at Gouroo is based on the healthy food preparation principles. We use special cooking methods and ingredients in aiming to create exquisitely delicious dishes. Sugar, white flour, refined oils, and any pre-processed products are not to be found in the dishes.


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