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Paparazzi Cafe

Abovyan 3

Paparazzi café is located on 3 Abovyan street on the 6th floor of the establishment. Here you will find lyrical atmosphere and superb cuisine in any season.

Paparazzi café is located in the very center of Yerevan on Abovyan street. Panoramic view opens on Charles Aznavour square which is one of the most wonderful corners of the city in form of a semicircle .

Paparazzi café is a small and cozy place the interior of which is performed in elegant restrained style, which really imparts certain mood- bright, romantic, and a bit melancholic. The mood is created because of the totality of flowers and textures, harmony of the general background setting and details: color of the walls are dark purple, green and turquoise in rhyme to soft furniture of beige and grayish and pink colors. The décor elements are not many and are rather laconic, and the natural tree in the middle of the hall prompts that there is harmony of nature and life in here. There is a cozy corner under the roof where you can enjoy your solitude by reading a book or by discussing hot issues in a small group of friends.

Of course it is more pleasant when being in comfortable environment you have the opportunity of enjoying also superbly delicious dishes, sweets, hookah and drinks.

Visit Paparazzi café and be sure that you will return here again and again.



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