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Buzand 3/25

On Pavstos Buzand street not far from Vernisazh which is one of the favorite sightseeing of tourists in Yerevan cozy Mane Restaurant & Showroom is located. This place captivates with brightness of colors: at the very entrance you will notice and will not be able to revert the eyes from incredible beauty of ceramic plates with which the whole interior is decorated. The plates, as well as the furniture of the restaurant are made by Mane Holding company – one of the biggest manufacturing holdings of Armenia. The difficult mosaic of patterns is performed exceptionally manually: here you will find both exotic forms, and collection of traditional Armenian ornaments and souvenir plates with tongue-in-cheek pictures. Every manufactured article is unique and no pattern is ever repeated. By the way, the establishment is also signature and is manufactured by Mane Wood.

In Mane Restaurant & Showroom all these wonderful works can be both admired and obtained or ordered by choosing your favorite color and pattern and for this very reason the establishment interior keeps on changing : no matter how many times you visit it, you will always have the chance of getting fresh impressions.

The whole dishware of the restaurant is the work result of designers of Mane Tiles. Every dish, kettle, cup – is a true work of art and this art is combined with delicate food. In Mane Restaurant & Showroom you are offered European and Armenian cuisines. The restaurant chef is Greek and many ingredients such as meat, cheese, and of course olives are imported directly from Greece. So you should never miss dishes of Greek cuisine. It is worth tasting, for example, avgolemono – traditional Greek soup reminding Armenian spas but more sour. If you are going to have a hearty meal, then taste fresh steak with which seven kinds of sauce are served. And from desserts one of the most interesting can be most probably called to be strudel, and not the ordinary Viennese but “a-la-Greek” one: besides apples raisins, nuts, propolis and syrup are added into this one. By the way, you can enjoy desired evening coolth on the terrace of Mane Restaurant & Showroom where you can again find delicious food and high-quality service.


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